I'm Toni Caballero.

I'm an illustrator and comic artist based in Valencia, Spain. On this site, you can see part of the work I've done during these years inside the comic and illustration world.


I’ve studied a Postgraduate Course in Illustration at the ESAT Innovation School in Valencia. After that I started building my career in this industry.


My illustrations have female characters as protagonists of the works, part of them led me to be the main image of posters and marketing material for all kind of pop culture related events.

As for comics, I develop well between all kinds of genres and targets, especially for a young audience focused on sci-fi, adventure, action and fantasy.

Proof of this has been to be awarded worldwide by the SMA of Tokyo (Coamix Inc.) with short works like Lil Luci doesn't scare, Go skate! And The nanny can't bring us down and by Ficomic in 2016 for my manga "Sin miedo a caer". In four occasions I’ve been among the finalist in the yearly Manga Contest held by Norma Editorial.


I have been awarded the Lletraferit Prize for best young adult novel for El diari de Laia published by Drassana in 2021.

Between 2021 and 2022 has been published the anthology Reflejos del futuro, for Planeta Manga, where I drew Health Nanobots.

Now I'm currently publishing my manga Backhome for Planeta Cómic (Spain), Sempai Manga (Italy) and soon also in France.


Hope you like my work as much as I like to make it.

See you!


Clip Studio Paint


Planeta Cómic (Grupo Planeta)

Panini España. (Grupo Panini)

Coamix INC. (Japan)

Fnac España

Heroes Comic Con




Apache editorial

Drassana Editorial


Lletraferit - Best young adult novel.

With the book El diari de Laia.
SPAIN - 2021

Norma Editorial Manga contest.

Finalist - With the manga Veluria.
SPAIN - 2019

Silent Manga Audition contest.

Editors Award - With the manga The nanny can't bring us down.
TOKYO - 2018

Silent Manga Audition contest.

Editors Award Runner Up- With the manga Go skate!.
TOKYO - 2018

Silent Manga Audition contest.

Excellence Award - With the manga Lil Luci doesn't scare.
TOKYO - 2019

Ficomic Manga contest.

Frist price- With the manga Sin miedo a caer.
SPAIN - 2016