image of the posters at various events, such as the "Salón del manga de Andalucía" or "Digitall".

As for comics, I develop well between all kinds of genres and targets, especially for a young audience focused on sci-fi, adventure, action and fantasy.

Proof of this has been to be rewarded worldwide by the SMA of Tokyo (Coamix Inc. / North Stars Pictures) with short works like "Lil Luci doesn't scare", "Go skate!" And "The nanny can't bring us down "). Also by Ficomic in 2016 for my manga "Sin miedo a caer".
I hope you like my work as much as I like to make it.

See you!

I'm Toni Caballero, illustrator and comic artist.
On this site, you can see part of the work I've done 
during these last years in the world of comics and illustration.

Most of my illustrations have as main focus the transmission of feelings, attitudes or expressions with female characters as protagonists of the works. Several of them have led me to be the main